Founded in 2006, the origination of can be traced to the cyber security and forensics background of our consultant, Darren Chaker. Mr. Chaker ( previously worked in law enforcement, and as a security contractor in the Middle East. More recently, Mr. Chaker managed electronic discovery (e-discovery) for a leading multinational law firm conducting large-scale digital forensic investigations, and provided electronic discovery services involving civil, corporate and criminal matters. Mr. Chaker also implemented security enforcement protocols and systems with Military Grade Communications for use between international offices to discuss sensitive matters. Mr. Chaker has additional expertise in matters involving:

  • Software piracy;
  • Sexual harassment via e-mail, instant messaging and other forms of electronic communications;
  • Monitoring employee activity;
  • Employee sabotage;
  • Intrusion detection;
  • Recovery of deleted files;
  • Lost password recovery and cracking of locked files;
  • Discovery of hidden and deleted e-mails and pictures;
  • Internet usage and unauthorized software installed on a company machine; and
  • Removal of viruses, pictures, software and other data items which may be hidden from the user.

The concept behind is to help you keep your private information private. Prying eyes exist in both business and personal affairs. Your compromised information could cost you dearly – financially and emotionally. Computers are lost, stolen, and compromised, but the information contained in them need not be. Our goal is to help you keep your private information private. By providing information and recommending software to accomplish your level of information security meets our sole objective -to keep private information private. Our consultant, Darren Chaker, brings his expertise in security and computer forensics in the public and private sector to offer recommendations to best secure your electronic information and data. That is what counter forensics is all about. can help provide you with the information necessary to help you secure your electronic information – depending on the level of security you desire.